All recycling goes to landfill

The most common recycling myth as nominated by councils is that all recycling goes to landfill.1 In addition, Planet Ark commissioned research shows 36% of the population believe most of our recycling goes to landfill.2 No doubt the waste import policies of China and other countries have made it harder to find a home for our recyclables. The shutdown of recycling facilities, especially in Victoria, has led to a small number of councils having to send some recyclables to landfill until new markets are found. However, the vast majority of recycling collected by Australian councils is still getting recycled.

  • Data shows 84 - 96% of kerbside recycling is recycled, and the remaining 4 - 16% that goes to landfill is primarily a result of the wrong thing going in the wrong bin.3 A small amount may currently also be disposed to landfill whilst waste facilities are transitioning to new markets for recyclables.
  • The recycling process recovers and diverts over 37 million tonnes of materials such as aluminium, steel, glass, paper and cardboard and plastic away from landfills per year (only 12% of that is exported).4 Whilst there have been issues exporting plastic waste to Indonesia and Malaysia this represents a tiny proportion of the total amount of recycling. In Australia, we recycle 55% of all the waste collected from households, businesses and construction and demolition.5
  • There are around 100 Material Recovery Facilities operating in Australia which separate out the different materials for recycling. If it all went to landfill, running these facilities would be pointless.
  • Products made from recycled materials include plastic and glass bottles, aluminium cans, cardboard, paper, construction materials and roads.
  • It doesn’t make economic sense to send recyclable materials to landfill. State landfill levies provide a financial incentive to recycle, ranging from $33 to $141 per tonne in VIC, WA, SA, QLD and NSW, which means it may cost more to dump waste in landfill.

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Mythbusters Ep 2 | Myth 1 All recycling goes to landfill

Recycle right


  • Reuse glass jars to store ingredients.
  • Remember your shopping bags (put them in your work bag or car).
  • Buy secondhand or upcycled.


  • Avoid over packaged products and single-use items.
  • Buy naked fruit and vegetables.
  • BYO container and buy in bulk.