Recycling Near You - Glasses (sight and reading) recycling in the Victoria Daly Shire area


Why donate your glasses

Collected glasses are distributed worldwide to communities in need. In some of these communities an eye exam can cost a month's wages, consequently poor eyesight often goes untreated, leading to further complications.

The simple donation of unwanted glasses can make a huge difference to someone living in less fortunate circumstances.

Lions Recycle for Sight Australia

Collect reading glasses and sunglasses to donate to charities around the world as well as remote Australia. Drop off or send to most Lions Clubs around the country.

For more information, contact:

Kenneth Leonard, 07 3293 0993, 0418 871 396

The following Optometrists accept donations or spectacles:

Sydney, NSW

Claire Kynaston Optometrist 

Shopping Centre, Evans Avenue 

Eastlakes NSW 2018‎

(02) 9667 3545



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