Festive Recycling

The festive season is a time for family, friends, holidays, presents and lots of food!

During this busy period, Australians travel more, eat more, drink more and buy more than at any other time of the year. This also means we have a bigger impact on the environment now than at any other time of the year.

There are lots of simple things you can do to have a fun and also green festive season. Some of them will also save you money!

Check out The 12 Do's of Christmas, a quick and handy guide to a green festive season - perfect for people on the run!

To see our more comprehensive Festive Green Guide, and for more information including Christmas Crafts, children's activities, factsheets and more, visit our Festive Recycling website.

To find reuse or recycling solutions for your festive season items, including bottles, corks, unwanted gifts, electronics, batteries, live Christmas trees, food scraps and more, search RecyclingNearYou