Century Yuasa Battery Recycling

In 2008 Century Batteries introduced a nationwide used lead acid battery recycling program which enables customers and groups to return old lead acid batteries to Century and know that they will be recycled efficiently, responsibly and free of charge. We encourage large organisations, local councils and customers to separate lead acid batteries from their other waste to ensure the correct disposal and recycling of these products.

Century Batteries is Australia's oldest and most recognised battery manufacturer with a proud history of designing and manufacturing batteries here in Australia since 1928. We have been at the forefront of battery manufacturing and design for over 80 years and in this time have developed the engineering expertise and state of the art manufacturing processes to produce a range of superior quality, market leading products and services.

As Australia's largest supplier of automotive related products and services in automotive aftermarket, Century Yuasa are committed to effective stewardship of our products, reducing our impact on the environment and ensuring our sustainability. The establishment of Battery Recycling Centres provides that extra service to help customers help us make a positive change.

To find the Century Yuasa Battery Recycling Centre closest to you call 1300 650372 or visit www.recyclemybattery.com.au