Aluminium Can Group

ACG is the industry association representing the aluminium can manufacturing industry in Australia. Household waste disposal is one of the world's major environmental issues.

In Australia, most household waste is dumped and buried. Old sites are rapidly filling and new sites are becoming harder to find. Alternative waste disposal methods like incineration are expensive and there are problems with pollution.

The aluminium beverage can industry is a leader in waste reduction. Australia has one of the highest consistent aluminium beverage can recycling programs in the world.

As well as waste reduction recycling also makes a positive contribution to the environment by reducing the amount of raw materials we need to extract and cutting carbon emissions.  Making an aluminium can from recycled material saves 95% of the energy used to make it from new material.     

By supporting the RecyclingNearYou website the Aluminium Can Group is helping Australians find local recycling information.
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