Other Waste Services in the Shire of Mukinbudin area

Below is more information from your local Council to help you further reduce your waste and impact on our environment.

INK & TONER CARTRIDGES: Empty or old ink and toner printer cartridges can be recycled at the Shire office, 15 Maddock Street, Mukinbudin or at the Post Office, White Street, Mukinbudin. MOBILE TELEPHONES: Old mobile telephones, mobile phone batteries, and hard plastic associated items are recyclable at the Shire office, 15 Maddock Street, Mukinbudin and at the TeleCentre, 15 White Street, Mukinbudin. WASTE OIL: Waste Oil Facility is located behind the Shire Depot yard off Strugnell Street, Mukinbudin. The facility is open 24 hours every day. The facility it provided for all local residents and businesses, including farmers, for the disposal of waste motor oil. Only waste vehicle lubricating oil is to be put into the facility – not cooking oil, grease, or other waste products. Farmers with 1,000lts or more of waste motor oil can contact an oil recycling company for an on-farm collection. Please contact:- Enviro Oil Australia Pty Ltd – tel: 9243 0303 Nationwide Oil Pty Ltd – tel: 9351 1300 Wren Oil – tel: 1800 654 002 There is no monetary charge for this service, the only charge is that people keep the facility clean and tidy for everyone to use.

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Contact: Mr J Goldacre
9047 1102

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