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Below is more information from your local Council to help you further reduce your waste and impact on our environment.

Plasback Silage Wrap Recycling To recycle your silage wrap, just follow these four esy steps 1. Purchase you TAPEX liner bags. Visit www.plasback.com.au for more details 2. Shake the wrap to get rid of excess moisture, silage and other debris. 3. Roll the wraps into tight balls to fit in the TAPEX liner bag 4. Drop your silage wrap in the TAPEX liner bags off at one of our Plasback drop off points: Naroghid Landfill, transfer stations at Port Campbell, Simpson and Timboon. Silage wrap will NOT be accepted if:it is NOT presented in a TAPEX liner bag or it is contaminated with bale net, twine, steel or general rubbish. Contaminated silage wrap will be placed in landfill and will incur additional costs.

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