Other Waste Services in the City of Bayswater Council area

Below is more information from your local Council to help you further reduce your waste and impact on our environment.

Household refrigerator collection service. Phone 08 92720605 to have your refrigerator collected. Refrigerators are collected within a month of notification. We will phone you to tell you the day that it must be put on the verge for collection. Doors must be removed. Council will arrange de-gassing at no cost to you. Householder Oily Waste Disposal Service. The City of Bayswater has an oily waste disposal tank at the Baywaste Transfer Station corner of Tonkin Highway and Collier Road Bayswater. Up to 20 litres of oily wastes (eg used engine, gearbox, differential oil) can be taken by householders to the facility at no charge. Note that the service is not available for commercial premises. Householders can take whitegoods (stoves, washing machines, dryers, etc) to the Bayswater Waste Transfer Station corner of Tonkin Highway and Collier Road Bayswater, free of charge. Refrigerators can only be taken if they are de-gassed.

Contact details

Contact: R-Gang hotline (general waste & recycling enquiries
1800 855 955

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