How to Ensure E-Waste is Recycled Properly

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Date: 03-Apr-14
Author: Ryan Collins

A recent story shows the disturbing images that can occur when e-waste is not dealt with correctly. TVs and computers contain toxic materials such as lead, mercury and arsenic that can have detrimental impacts on the environment and on human health. Developing countries can sometimes the dumping ground of the developed world's waste.

This underlines the necessity for choosing reputable recyclers who are doing the right thing environmentally and legally. In Australia, the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme, introduced by the Australian Government in 2012, sets standards for the collection and recycling and electronic waste as well as occupational health standards for workers handling the materials. To export e-waste from Australia a business needs a license which includes details of where it will be processed. It is rare that e-waste from Australia ends up in unregulated areas like that in the current story.

Australian consumers can help put an end to the damaging export of e-waste by choosing reputable programs that operate under the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme including RecyclingNearYou sponsor TechCollect

To find your nearest free TV or computer drop off location, visit

The Choosing the Right Recycler Checklist and Factsheet outlines the key questions businesses should ask a potential recycler to help ensure they are doing the right thing environmentally and legally.

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