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South Australians - Clear The Shed of Hazardous Waste...

Chemical containters © Planet Ark

Date: 20-Mar-14
Author: Ryan Collins

Over the years we tend to slowly fill our sheds with leftover paint, insecticides and chemicals; however, household chemicals can be dangerous if they are not stored or disposed of safely.

660 cases of poisoning were reported in SA between August 2013 and February 2014. Don't let stored chemicals risk your family's health.

To help rid households of unwanted or out of date chemicals, Zero Waste SA with the assistance of Local Government is undertaking a series of free household hazardous waste drop-off days to help you dispose of your unwanted chemicals in an environmentally safe way. Sites for upcoming events are listed on the Zero Waste SA website.

You do not have to live in the council or area of the drop-off. All drop-off days are open to all householders in South Australia.

Before you bring items to the depot, check the list of what can and cannot be brought to the site on the day and consider disposal options for common items like paint, oil, batteries and light globes.

Other States

Similar programs run in other states

Most councils also provide chemical collection sites at their landfill or waste transfer stations. Check out your council page on RecyclingNearYou to find an option near you.

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