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Post Christmas recycling Do's!

Christmas card tree © Zo Zhou

Christmas card tree

Date: 26-Dec-13
Author: Zo Zhou

Found yourself with a bigger pile of wrapping paper, Christmas cards and a tree that's quickly starting to droop? Here are a few ways to ensure none of it goes to landfill:

Wrapping paper

Paper wrapping can be easily recycled in your kerbside, or used for arts and crafts. While that foily plastic isn't the easiest to recycle, it can usually be reused fairly easily, so stash it away for wrapping your own gifts next year. The same can be said of those pretty Christmas bags and fabric wrap. Check out these tips for smarter wrapping next year.

Christmas cards

These can be easily recycled in your kerbside recycling, but if you think it's a shame to throw them all out, you can re-use them for decorating next year! Check out these tips for giving your Christmas cards a second life.

Living trees

Your tree could do a valuable service for the soil. Find out if your local council will mulch your tree by popping your postcode in here.

Yummy leftovers

Have even more leftovers than you thought you would? Put a shout out to friends and family and see if anyone would like to avoid cooking the next few days. and may also be able to help you out. If anything is developing green fuzz though, pop it in the compost.


Unsure if that mountain of plastic wrap is recyclable (it probably is!)? Find out by searching RecyclingNearYou.

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