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Our new sponsor .... Alcoa Foundation

Date: 17-Dec-11
Author: Zhi Yan

Planet Ark is delighted to announce that Alcoa Foundation is now a Major Sponsor of the RecyclingNearYou campaign.

This sponsorship is well aligned with Alcoa's corporate goals around sustainability.  Dedicated to bringing about improvements in environmental sustainability through global investment in 'reduce, recycle, replenish' campaigns Alcoa Foundation is pushing hard to promote greater recycling rates and reuse of materials worldwide.

Alan Cransberg, Managing Director Alcoa of Australia says 'Recycling is a good thing - there are numerous opportunities for us to reduce the impact we have on this planet and to help preserve it for future generations. We are committed to recycling aluminium because it helps reduce waste, conserve natural resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. That's because recycled aluminium uses just 5% of the energy that goes into producing the original metal.'

'We encourage all Australians to recycle - aluminium is known as 'the miracle metal' because it's endlessly recyclable. In fact of all the aluminium ever made, 75% is still in use around the world today.'

For information on aluminium can recycling, visit Cans.PlanetArk.org.

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