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RecyclingNearYou Upgrade

Date: 28-Jan-10
Author: Brad Gray

Planet Ark is proud to announce the first stages of an extensive upgrade of the website. 

The RNY site is the premier online service for Australians to find local recycling options - near you! 

This upgrade has been made possible with the support of our Foundation Partner Sensis and our new category partners.  By supporting specific categories our new partners are helping visitors reduce their environmental impact in a number of ways:

  • Tetra Pak is encouraging Australians to increase the recycling rate for milk and juice cartons,
  • Varta is encouraging people to reduce the impact of batteries by recycling their old single use batteries and switching to rechargeables.  
  • Century Yuasa is making it easy to fid recycling options for car batteries by setting up collection points all around Australia.
  • Kmart Tyre & Auto Service is help customers by recycling their used tyres when they buy new ones, and
  • The Aluminium Can Group is encouraging people to recycle their drink cans to save energy.

Over the coming months even more features will be added to the site so make sure you come back and check it out.

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