Light Globes Recycling Hotline

The best way to dispose of the light globes depends upon their type.

Fluorescent tubes, compact fluoros (CFLs), HIDs and metal halides all contain mercury and need to be recycled through council, commercial or community programs that safely separate the different elements. Search for options in your area below.  There is a specific globe recycling program in South Australia and toxic waste programs in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania that collect CFLs. 

Incandescent globes and halogens can be recycled through some of these programs or can simply be wrapped in paper and disposed of in the garbage bin. They are made from low value and non-toxic materials which makes recycling them very difficult.  


If your workplace or business has large quantities of light globes to recycle, visit to find suitable service options.

Council services for Lighting

Moreton Bay Regional Council has the following Light Globe and Compact Fluoro programs available to residents.

  1. Drop off Facility - Redcliffe transfer station
  2. Drop off Facility - Caboolture waste management facility
  3. Drop off Facility - Dakabin waste management facility
  4. Drop off Facility - Bunya waste management facility
  5. Drop off Facility - Woodford transfer station

Drop off locations for Lighting

22 drop off businesses match on Lighting within approx 60km of Caboolture QLD

Click the link for business details and map

Business Name Address Suburb State Postcode Lon Lat Distance (Km) Approved Provider
Toxfree /business/13601 168 Musgrave Road Coopers Plains, QLD, 4108 153.0309090 -27.5616090 Coopers Plains QLD 4108 153.0309090 -27.5616090
Ipswich City Council (administration Building - Mayors Office) /business/13682 45 Roderick Street Ipswich, QLD, 4305 152.7589988 -27.6174610 Ipswich QLD 4305 152.7589988 -27.6174610
Ipswich City Council (customer Service Centre) /business/13683 Ipswich City Square, 117 Brisbane Street Ipswich, QLD, 4305 152.7577941 -27.6141956 Ipswich QLD 4305 152.7577941 -27.6141956
Ipswich City Council (division 10) /business/13685 Shop 5-6 Rosewood Plaza, 20-22 John Street Rosewood, QLD, 4340 152.5866060 -27.6275290 Rosewood QLD 4340 152.5866060 -27.6275290
Ipswich City Council (division 2) /business/13686 18 Queen Street Goodna, QLD, 4300 152.8979690 -27.6125640 Goodna QLD 4300 152.8979690 -27.6125640
Ipswich City Council (division 4) /business/13688 1/36 South Station Road Booval, QLD, 4304 152.7893793 -27.6124390 Booval QLD 4304 152.7893793 -27.6124390
Ipswich City Council (division 5) /business/13689 Shop 1, Jacaranda Centre, 2-3 Jacaranda Street East Ipswich, QLD, 4305 152.7732660 -27.6062530 East Ipswich QLD 4305 152.7732660 -27.6062530
Ipswich City Council (division 6) /business/13690 Shop 38a, Brassall Shopping Centre, 68 Hunter Street Brassall, QLD, 4305 152.7455052 -27.5978008 Brassall QLD 4305 152.7455052 -27.5978008
Ipswich City Council (division 7) /business/13691 45 Roderick Street Ipswich, QLD, 4305 152.7589988 -27.6174610 Ipswich QLD 4305 152.7589988 -27.6174610
Ipswich City Council (division 9) /business/13693 Shop 36, Raceview Shopping Centre, 64 Raceview Street Raceview, QLD, 4305 152.7743976 -27.6370910 Raceview QLD 4305 152.7743976 -27.6370910
Ipswich City Council (library - Igic Building) /business/13694 40 South Street Ipswich, QLD, 4305 152.7602424 -27.6165224 Ipswich QLD 4305 152.7602424 -27.6165224
Ipswich City Council (redbank Plains Library) /business/13695 Moreton Avenue Redbank, QLD, 4301 152.8645022 -27.6480875 Redbank QLD 4301 152.8645022 -27.6480875
Riverview Recycling & Refuse Centre /business/13697 Riverview Road Riverview, QLD, 152.8407966 -27.5917652 Riverview QLD 152.8407966 -27.5917652
IKEA /business/13868 3539-3565 Pacific Highway Slacks Creek, QLD, 4127 153.1358215 -27.6366196 Slacks Creek QLD 4127 153.1358215 -27.6366196
Woolloongabba Demolitions /business/15041 698 Beaudesert Road Rocklea, QLD, 4106 153.0212490 -27.5562420 Rocklea QLD 4106 153.0212490 -27.5562420
Chandler Transfer Station /business/15524 728 Tilley Road Chandler, QLD, 4155 153.1513974 -27.5163486 Chandler QLD 4155 153.1513974 -27.5163486
Nudgee Transfer Station /business/15525 1560 Nudgee Road Nudgee, QLD, 4014 153.0992665 -27.3593623 Nudgee QLD 4014 153.0992665 -27.3593623
Willawong Transfer Station /business/15526 360 Sherbrooke Road Willawong, QLD, 4110 153.0059080 -27.6019440 Willawong QLD 4110 153.0059080 -27.6019440
Ferny Grove Transfer Station /business/15527 101 Upper Kedron Road Ferny Grove, QLD, 4055 152.9230952 -27.4093788 Ferny Grove QLD 4055 152.9230952 -27.4093788
High On Voltage /business/15906 89 Richards Court CABOOLTURE, QLD, 4510 152.9079580 -27.0675260 CABOOLTURE QLD 4510 152.9079580 -27.0675260
CMA Ecocycle /business/17918 1204 Lytton Road Hemmant, QLD, 4174 153.1164190 -27.4435610 Hemmant QLD 4174 153.1164190 -27.4435610
Lamp Replacements Australia /business/22906 11/27 Selhurst St Coopers Plains, QLD, 4108 153.0368366 -27.5710327 Coopers Plains QLD 4108 153.0368366 -27.5710327
Toxfree /business/13601 168 Musgrave Road Coopers Plains, QLD, 4108 153.0309090 -27.5616090 Coopers Plains QLD 4108 153.0309090 -27.5616090

Pick up locations for Lighting

13 pick up businesses match your query on Lighting

Click the link for business details

Business Name Details Picks up Fees Approved Provider
MRI (Aust) Pty Ltd Click Business Name for details Nationally May apply
Lamp Recyclers We are available for collection of bulk quantities of e... Nationally Qld May apply
Toxfree Click Business Name for details Nationally May apply
Cleanaway - A Transpacific Business Please contact Cleanaway on 13 13 39 to enquire about p... Qld May apply
Brizzy Rubbish Removal Pty Ltd Click Business Name for details Qld (Metro Area Only) May apply
A2Z All Waste Recycling No quantity too small but more cost effective to you if... Qld (Metro Area Only) May apply
Steve's Rubbish Removals Click Business Name for details Qld May apply
CMA Ecocycle Pick up service only for commercial quantities. Qld May apply
Clean It Industrial Services Vacuum Tankers up to 26000 litres. Trucks and Waste Sk... Qld May apply
J.J. Richards & Sons Pty Ltd Commercial quantities only outside of metro areas. Qld (Metro Area Only) May apply
REMONDIS Australia Pty Ltd REMONDIS collects recycling and waste streams in bins r... Nationally May apply
1800-GOT-JUNK? (Australia) Pty Ltd. We cover the following suburbs: Ascot Ashgrove Auche... Qld (Metro Area Only) May apply
1800-GOT-JUNK? (Australia) Pty Ltd. We cover the following suburbs: Ashmore Banora Point ... Qld (Metro Area Only) May apply

About Light Globes

  • Energy-efficient alternatives to incandescent globes, like CFLs and LEDs, use much less energy and last much longer than old style incandescent.      
  • Any type of broken globe should be wrapped and placed in your landfill bin. They should never go in your household recycling bin.
  • To clean up a broken fluorescent tube or compact fluoros follow the instructions from ZeroWaste South Australia

Importance of Recycling Light Globes

  • Compact fluoros contain trace amounts of mercury and one third of the amount used in office fluoro tubes. By recycling, the small amount of mercury can be recovered, used again and kept out of landfill.
  • Recycling fluorescent household globes can also recover other valuable materials like ceramic, glass, aluminium and phosphor that are used in products like fertilizer, aluminium cans and insulation batts.

Further Information

  • FluoroCycle is a voluntary partnership between government and industry to increase the recycling of mercury-containing lamps.
  • Fluorescent globe processing is carried out in Australia.