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We no longer know of any organisation that accepts corks for recycling in Australia. Previously a cork flooring manufacturer recycled the corks into their product. Unfortunately they are no longer accepting used corks from charity and community groups, the main reason for this is that often the corks weren't virgin cork and had other resins in, which produced an inferior end product. They now take virgin cork from overseas.

This has left a big gap for cork recycling in Australia,  we do not know of anyone else who accepts them for recycling. However they can be reused for craft purposes, as garden mulch or can be placed in a compost bin (not your green waste bin unless your council states otherwise).

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Perth Bin Hire We deliver and pick up skip bins and bulk bins, and pro... WA (Metro Area Only) May apply
REmida WA - Reuse Centre We offer collections for most items depending on the qu... WA (Metro Area Only) Free
REMONDIS Australia Pty Ltd REMONDIS collects recycling and waste streams in bins r... Nationally May apply

About Cork Oak Trees

  • Corks are derived from the bark of the tree.
  • They must be 25 years old before their first harvest.
  • A further 9 years must pass before another harvest can be made – this helps to ensure that cork is a sustainably-harvested resource.
  • They are grown mainly in Portugal, northern Africa and the Western Mediterranean.
  • Cork Oak trees provide valuable habitat for a wide variety of birds and wildlife.