Recycling Near You - Council Clean Up/Hard Rubbish Collection in the Shire of Broome area

Council Clean Up/Hard Rubbish Collection in the Shire of Broome area

This page details a range of materials that will be periodically collected by your Council.

Council Clean Up/Hard Rubbish Collection


Pre Cyclone Season Collection


Scheduled - Call Council for more detail

Available to:

All Residential Properties

Materials Collected

  • Whitegoods
  • Household Furniture
  • Steel
  • Metals
  • Carpet
  • Scrap Timber
  • Mattresses

Metals - Pile One Whitegoods, Fridges with doors removed and degassed, scrap iron, other waste metals and empty tins. Non Metals - Pile Two Furniture and Mattresses, E-waste and household electrical items. Items are not to be put on top of water or power meters, reticulation sprinklers, fireplugs, valves or service pits, and any damages incurred by the Shire equipment in this regard may be chargeable to the property owner. Items can only be placed on the verge between specific dates (each year notices will be issued on these dates). If items are placed on the verge at any other item the resident will receive a Litter Infringement.

Other Information

What can not be placed out for collection:

  • Chemicals
  • Oils
  • Paints
  • Vehicle Tyres
  • Asbestos
  • Vehicle Batteries
  • Car bodies
  • Containers containing liquid

For more information contact:
Engineering Operations
08 9191 3456