Recycling Near You - Printer Cartridges in the Murrindindi Shire Council area
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You can drop off your used or empty laser and inkjet cartridges at all Officeworks and participating Australia Post, Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, JB Hi-Fi, Office National and Office Products Depot outlets. Inkjet cartridges, toner cartridges and toner bottles are accepted. This includes cartridges used in printers, photocopiers and fax machines.

If your workplace or business has large quantities of printer cartridges to recycle, visit to find suitable collection or pick up service options or register for a free 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark' workplace collection box.

Council services for Printer Cartridges

Murrindindi Shire Council has not listed any locations where you can recycle your printer cartridges.

Drop off locations for Printer Cartridges

31 drop off businesses match on Printer Cartridges within approx 60km of Alexandra VIC

Click the link for business details and map

Business Name Address Suburb State Postcode Lon Lat Distance (Km) Approved Provider
Officeworks /business/594 602-630 Doncaster Rd Doncaster, VIC, 3108 145.1257490 -37.7875840 Doncaster VIC 3108 145.1257490 -37.7875840
Australia Post /business/3913 111 Anzac Avenue Seymour, VIC, 3660 145.1454770 -37.0296750 Seymour VIC 3660 145.1454770 -37.0296750
Australia Post /business/4029 12 Station Street Mount Evelyn, VIC, 3796 145.3788620 -37.7859690 Mount Evelyn VIC 3796 145.3788620 -37.7859690
Australia Post /business/5494 3405 Warburton Highway Warburton, VIC, 3799 145.6893030 -37.7534790 Warburton VIC 3799 145.6893030 -37.7534790
Australia Post /business/5507 348 Warburton Highway Wandin North, VIC, 3139 145.4260960 -37.7784110 Wandin North VIC 3139 145.4260960 -37.7784110
Australia Post /business/7889 Cnr Webster And Downey Streets Alexandra, VIC, 3714 145.7110610 -37.1913070 Alexandra VIC 3714 145.7110610 -37.1913070
Australia Post /business/8215 239-241 Maroondah Hwy Chirnside Park, VIC, 3116 145.3124200 -37.7574240 Chirnside Park VIC 3116 145.3124200 -37.7574240
Australia Post /business/8317 Shop 16 Diamond Creek, VIC, 3089 145.1360410 -37.6758864 Diamond Creek VIC 3089 145.1360410 -37.6758864
Australia Post /business/8322 Shop 67 Doncaster East, VIC, 3109 145.1722670 -37.7906680 Doncaster East VIC 3109 145.1722670 -37.7906680
Australia Post /business/8323 916 Doncaster Rd Doncaster East, VIC, 3109 145.1501990 -37.7880240 Doncaster East VIC 3109 145.1501990 -37.7880240
Australia Post /business/8363 963 Main Rd Eltham, VIC, 3095 145.1482680 -37.7138060 Eltham VIC 3095 145.1482680 -37.7138060
Australia Post /business/8379 Binney St Euroa, VIC, 3666 145.5709150 -36.7512190 Euroa VIC 3666 145.5709150 -36.7512190
Australia Post /business/8518 195 Maroondah Hwy Healesville, VIC, 3777 145.5150090 -37.6540620 Healesville VIC 3777 145.5150090 -37.6540620
Australia Post /business/8686 266 Main St Lilydale, VIC, 3140 145.3515921 -37.7575990 Lilydale VIC 3140 145.3515921 -37.7575990
Australia Post /business/8741 90 High St Mansfield, VIC, 3722 146.0872680 -37.0523460 Mansfield VIC 3722 146.0872680 -37.0523460
Australia Post /business/8840 65 Brice Avenue Mooroolbark, VIC, 3138 145.3141040 -37.7849910 Mooroolbark VIC 3138 145.3141040 -37.7849910
Australia Post /business/8898 Cnr Stephenson And Robinson Streets Murchison, VIC, 3610 145.2147360 -36.6234930 Murchison VIC 3610 145.2147360 -36.6234930
Australia Post /business/8906 302 High St Nagambie, VIC, 3608 145.1540440 -36.7854500 Nagambie VIC 3608 145.1540440 -36.7854500
Australia Post /business/9020 Shop 6 13 Hopetoun Road Park Orchards, VIC, 3114 145.2170210 -37.7797570 Park Orchards VIC 3114 145.2170210 -37.7797570
Australia Post /business/9110 1546 Main Rd Research, VIC, 3095 145.1805690 -37.7039360 Research VIC 3095 145.1805690 -37.7039360
Australia Post /business/9189 583 Warburton Hwy Seville, VIC, 3139 145.4595180 -37.7774260 Seville VIC 3139 145.4595180 -37.7774260
Australia Post /business/9191 82 Station St Seymour, VIC, 3660 145.1358440 -37.0247110 Seymour VIC 3660 145.1358440 -37.0247110
Australia Post /business/9305 17 Anderson St Templestowe, VIC, 3106 145.1298380 -37.7578370 Templestowe VIC 3106 145.1298380 -37.7578370
Australia Post /business/9416 270 Yarra St Warrandyte, VIC, 3113 145.2240170 -37.7370070 Warrandyte VIC 3113 145.2240170 -37.7370070
Australia Post /business/9509 2459 Warburton Hwy Yarra Junction, VIC, 3797 145.6141440 -37.7814130 Yarra Junction VIC 3797 145.6141440 -37.7814130
Australia Post /business/9832 17 Bell St Yarra Glen, VIC, 3775 145.3738850 -37.6589690 Yarra Glen VIC 3775 145.3738850 -37.6589690
Lilydale Computer Services /business/12914 91-99 Beresford Road Lilydale, VIC, 3140 145.34680366516113 -37.75062946877242 Lilydale VIC 3140 145.34680366516113 -37.75062946877242
JB HiFi /business/13356 Doncaster Road Doncaster, VIC, 3108 145.1244863 -37.7873948 Doncaster VIC 3108 145.1244863 -37.7873948
Officeworks /business/16360 294 Maroondah Highway Chirnside Park, VIC, 3116 145.3250429 -37.7591220 Chirnside Park VIC 3116 145.3250429 -37.7591220
Ross Office Supplies Office Products Depot - Lilydale /business/17146 Shop 1/2 Clarke Street Lilydale, VIC, 3140 145.3509670760575 -37.758753939728095 Lilydale VIC 3140 145.3509670760575 -37.758753939728095
GREENCOM /business/18357 2/8 Simms Rd Melbourne/Greensborough, VIC, 3088 145.1133185 -37.7115056 Melbourne/Greensborough VIC 3088 145.1133185 -37.7115056
Officeworks /business/594 602-630 Doncaster Rd Doncaster, VIC, 3108 145.1257490 -37.7875840 Doncaster VIC 3108 145.1257490 -37.7875840

Pick up locations for Printer Cartridges

29 pick up businesses match your query on Printer Cartridges

Click the link for business details

Business Name Details Picks up Fees Approved Provider
Toxfree E-cycle Division Click Business Name for details Nationally May apply
MRI (Aust) Pty Ltd Click Business Name for details Nationally May apply
Buyequip Pty Ltd Click Business Name for details Nationally May apply
SRS Recycling Pty Ltd Pick up of bulk quantities only. Nationally Vic (Metro Area Only) May apply
1800RECYCLE YOU CALL - WE COLLECT. eWaste & computer collection and... Vic (Metro Area Only) May apply
E&O Property Services & Rubbish Removal Whatever the quantity or type of waste, we'll collect i... Vic (Metro Area Only) May apply
The Disposal Crew Click Business Name for details Vic (Metro Area Only) May apply
HIRE-A-GARBO Click Business Name for details Vic (Metro Area Only) May apply
Bulls-Eye PC's & Electronics Please contact us via the website, email, Facebook or p... Vic (Metro Area Only) Free
Red Rabbit Rubbish Removal & Recycling Service We come to you with a truck team and do all the loading... Vic (Metro Area Only) May apply
ACE Recycling Group Pty Ltd Click Business Name for details Vic (Metro Area Only) May apply
Buyequip Pty Ltd Click Business Name for details Nationally May apply
Buyequip Pty Ltd Click Business Name for details Nationally May apply
GREENCOM Pick up with in 3 days of Metro Areas Vic (Metro Area Only) Free
Green Technology Recycling Pty Ltd Our free pick up service is available as long as your c... Nationally (Metro Area Only) May apply
TES-AMM Australia Pty Ltd Pick up of commercial quantities only. Nationally May apply
Inner City Metal Recycling We welcome all unwanted metal materials (domestic and c... Vic May apply
Alfatek Enterprises (Aust) Pty. Ltd. Pickup service available for commercial (bulk) quantiti... Vic (Metro Area Only) May apply
PENTAQ Technology Pty Ltd Click Business Name for details Nationally May apply
Reverse E-Waste Commercial - Sydney/Melb/Bris local metro - min 1 palle... Vic (Metro Area Only) Free
Reboundit Pty Ltd Pickup from office and or warehouse. Vic (Metro Area Only) May apply
ANZ Asset Managment Bookings are essential for Commercial and Office pick-u... Nationally (Metro Area Only) May apply
REMONDIS Australia Pty Ltd REMONDIS collects recycling and waste streams in bins r... Nationally May apply
REMONDIS Australia Pty Ltd Click Business Name for details Vic May apply
ACE RECYCLING GROUP Pickup can always be arrange from any where, please cal... Vic May apply
rapid waste management services Pty Ltd we will leave containers / bins on site for loading eit... Vic May apply
Need A Skip Now Customers need to order our bins, which are delivered o... Vic (Metro Area Only) May apply
Big Bin Hire We generally hire skip bins for 3 days and pick up on t... Vic (Metro Area Only) May apply
LV e-Waste Recycling LV e-Waste is offering free collection for 10 items plu... Vic May apply

About Printer Cartridges

  • Australians throw away more than 18 million printer cartridges every year.
  • This amounts to over 5,000 tonnes of material, including laser toner cartridges, inkjet cartridges, photocopier toner bottles and drums, that will eventually end up in landfill.
  • When printer cartridges break apart in landfill, they have the potential to contaminate groundwater and the environment.

About Printer Cartridge Recycling

  • Printer cartridges from participating brands are accepted in the 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark' program. This includes inkjet cartridges, laser cartridges, toner bottles, fuser and drum units, fax rolls, print heads, waste hoppers / containers collectors and kits.
  • The 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark' program has recycled more than 34 million cartridges via 30,000 businesses and over 3,000 retail outlets.
  • The 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark' program is an example of an extended producer responsibility program. The six participating brands, Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, Konica Minolta, and Kyocera, pay for the collection and recycling of their cartridges. They are taking responsibility for the cartridges they produce.

For more information:

If your workplace consumes a lot of cartridges, you may eligible for this free cartridge recycling service. Call the 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark hotline' on 1800 24 24 73 for more information.

To find out more about printer cartridge recycling

See Planet Ark's Cartridge Recycling Factsheet

Or visit the following websites